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October 9, 2017

Some helpful information for those who are new to Ayurvedic therapy

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Ayurvedic therapy consists of many different terms and it can be helpful to be familiar with these Ayurvedic terminology.

A combination of purification therapies for the complete detoxification of the body. It includes vamana, virechana, nasya, raktamoksha and vasthi.

The elimination of toxins through the mouth, it involves inducing vomiting by consuming herbal preparations.

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August 17, 2016

Steffi Graf is the New Kerala Ayurveda Brand Ambassador

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The Kerala tourism department was given sanction to sign an agreement with Graf to become Ayurveda brand ambassador as part of the department’s ‘Visit Kerala Scheme’, Chandy said.

The tourism department had already held discussions and reached an agreement with the German former World number one tennis player, who had bagged 22 Grand slam single titles.

Kerala’s Ayurveda, an ancient system of health care which is famous for its holistic effect on body and mind, attracts large number of people from the country and abroad every year.

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August 10, 2016

Short Term Visas for Yoga Courses in India

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In a first, India will give tourist visa and e-tourist visa to foreigners willing to undergo short term course on Yoga in its bid to popularise the ancient spiritual and ascetic practice globally.

Under the e-tourist visa scheme, an applicant receives an email authorising him or her to travel to India after it is approved and he or she can travel with a print-out of this authorisation.

Since the launch of the scheme, more than around 9 lakh visas have been issued. At present, on an average, 3,500 e-tourist visas are being granted daily to foreign nationals.

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September 27, 2014

Panchakarma treatment is a five-fold treatment to rejuvenate the body and the mind

Panchakarma treatment is the combination of five action therapies that constitutes five cleansing procedures. These therapies are the purification procedures for rejuvenation of the body and the mind. The five fold therapy or the Panchakarma treatment includes three steps such as purvakarma or preparatory procedures, pradhanakarma or the main treatment and paschatkarma or post treatment. This treatment is highly effective in bringing the right balance of the three doshas-vatta, pitta and kapha and maintain the right co-ordination of the body and the mind.

The ayurvedic wellness centres offer Panchakarma treatment that starts with step by step detoxification process that balances all the three doshas governing the biological system of the body. This wellness treatment includes specific and timely herbal diet under the supervision of the vaidyas of Kerala.  These treatment are purely natural and are without any side effects. The Panchakarma treatment is highly effective and are known to have proven results in eliminating more than 50 percent of toxins from the body. This treatment constitutes scientifically proved herbal concoction and medicated oils through a liquid medium, massage coupled with chants and mantras for a wholesome rejuvenation of the body and the mind.

Panchakarma treatment is complete detoxification program that is carried out before undergoing any major therapies. This is a stage where the human body is prepared for major treatments by administering the eliminative therapy on the body. The wondrous effects of this treatment are tremendous and provide high relief to the patients. The significant techniques applied for the treatment are abhyanga, patra potali sweda, choorna panda sweda shasthika shali pinda sweda, kaya seka, shridhara and the like. These treatments not only provide a great relief to chronic ailment but are also administered for boosting up the immune system.

Panchakarma treatment provides relief to a number of ailments such as constipation, arthriris, headaches, back ache, kidney stones, heart burn or pain, nausea, liver disorders, chronic fever, jaundice, joint pains and the like. These treatment are given after a proper diagnosis of the history of medical health records of the patient. However, the Panchakarma treatment can also be administered by normal healthy person but the right treatment is suggested by the vaidyas who hold years of combined experience on the Panchakarma treatment process. The cleansing methods that are followed are targeted to correct human disorders and make the body free from toxins revitalizing the body and the mind.

Panchakarma treatment is based on the philosophy that the tri doshas- vata, pitta and kapha governs the body functions and one of the doshas dominates the other as per body type and nature. Hence in order to strike a balance between the three doshas, this therapeutic healing science is applied for an overall mental and physical well being. These five actions are time proven and natural age old techniques for the restoration of natural state of body health and mind. This also restores the youth and vigour, thereby enhancing the longevity of a person.

There are tremendous benefits of undergoing the Panchakarma treatment. This not only enables an overall rejuvenation of mind and body but also removes negative vibes from the body thus restoring a natural harmony and balance of the human body and the mind. This is a complete wellness program that offers tremendous health benefits

The Panchakarma treatment is administered for patients with specific age limits as recommended by the ayurveda experts. This rejuvenating therapy cleanses the body and the mind and detoxifies to promote entire wellness of the body. The effect of this five-fold treatment is tremendous and promotes long lasting results. Even chronic ailments can be treated through this wellness therapy of panchakarma and a blissful state can be attained.

Ayurvedic treatment in Kerala promotes a wholesome treatment of the body and the mind.

We all need a complementary treatment for pampering our body and soul amidst our tiring work schedule. Ayurvedic treatment in Kerala consists of excellent therapeutic packages that offer a myriad of healthcare treatments and sessions for patients and individuals seeking a rejuvenating treatment. Ayurvedic treatment in Kerala are the packages that are designed for spiritual, physical and mental well being that triggers an overall mind-body co-ordination and strikes a balance amongst the body elements that promote good health.

Unlike the conventional approach of treatment, Ayurvedic treatment in Kerala is an authentic treatment aimed towards combating various diseases and disorders. The treatments and health care sessions of Ayurvedic treatment are conducted by the most experienced therapists who are the proven experts in bringing miraculous healing benefits to the ailing patients. Ayurveda resorts are the prime centres that offer such Ayurvedic treatment that provide 100 percent assured results for diverse ailments.

The most critical and complicated diseases has been treated by the age old concept of Ayurvedic treatment in Kerala. Such treatments are carried out in a tranquil atmosphere amidst a serene natural environment. Ayurvedic treatment in Kerala is extremely useful for diseases such as arthritis, back pain, spine injuries, hypertension, nerve problems, obesity, paralysis and other psychosomatic disorders. The healing treatment consists of anointment of medicinal herb or concoction applied gently on the body along with mantra chants disperses a positive healing vibe and spreads a magical healing effect.

Ayurvedic treatment in Kerala has originated more than five thousand years ago that comprises of a holistic method of treatment and remedies targeted towards chronic ailments and rejuvenation and revitalization of mind, body and soul. Millions of patients switch to Ayurvedic treatment in Kerala as this system of treatment churns out a permanent cure with long lasting results. Many people prefer ayurvedic treatments because such treatments are safe, painless and bring positive healing results to the patients. Even the most deadly diseases like cancer, psoriasis etc can be treated by the ayurvedic treatment and

Ayurvedic treatment in Kerala is an evidence-based scientific method of treatment that has been practised since age old times. It is complete naturalistic systems of treatments that promotes mental, physical and spiritual uniformity and achieve the right balance. The vaidyars of kerala are the practitioners and researchers of ayurveda treatment of many ailments that plague the body and the mind. There are diverse thereupetic programs and rejuvenation techniques are practised with dedication by the Ayurveda resorts in Kerala. The soothing and healing effect of the treatment provide a higher level of satisfaction and happiness to the patients who opt for Ayurvedic treatment in Kerala.

Ayurvedic treatment in Kerala is said to be a boon of nature. The natural medicines are extracted from chosen organic herbs that are found plentiful in Kerala. Ayurveda healing package include massage, optimal herbal diet, yoga, meditation, spa treatment to detoxify the body from harmful elements and ensure nourishment of the whole body.  Decocotion of oil and medicine, herbal paste, steam bath are the treatment that is commonly administered to boost the energy level and metabolism of the human body and provide a rejuvenating effect to the soul.

Ayurvedic treatment in Kerala is famous for naturalistic treatment with the application of specific herbs and techniques. The essence of ayurvedic treatment is to strike a balance between the three doshas or vital forces- vatta, pitta and kapha that rules the human biological system. Ayurvedic treatment is a unique combination of herbal medicine and philosophy that focus on promoting the wholesome balance of mind and body along with the permanent cure of every kind of disease that affect the human body and the mind.

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