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January 19, 2010

Cobra Venom and it’s effects on Arthritis

The knowledge which was known to Ayurveda practitioners for hundreds of years is being given serious thought now. It’s being verified that Ayurveda treatment for Arthritis using Cobra venom could reduce pain as well arrest further damage from Arthritis.

Such anecdotal claims, including teachings in India’s centuries’ old Ayurveda traditional medicine system, may hold some truth. Venom from cobras may not only treat arthritis, but also prevent further damage from the condition.

Scientists have just determined that Indian monocellate cobra venom displayed anti-arthritic activity during lab tests on rodents, according to a paper that will be in the February-March issue of the journal Toxicon.

While clinical trials on humans are still needed, a cobra venom arthritis ointment is in the works, lead author Antony Gomes told Discovery News.

“We have already prepared such an oil-based preparation (for topical application), which is showing very promising results on humans,” Gomes, a professor of physiology at the University of Calcutta, said.[Cobra Venom Erases Arthritis Symptoms]

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