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April 30, 2008

More negative publicity in west on ayurveda and toxicity

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Its high time that a concerted effort is formulated to project the correct image and facts of ayurveda. In the absence of such an initiative ayurveda would seen as a primitive and dangerous medicine system. More than that, government of India should strictly regulate the export and conduct quality control of Ayurveda medications. Here’s some news excerpts :

Two Indo-Canadians have been diagnosed with heavy-metal poisoning after ingesting ayurvedic remedies, in this case tainted powders comprising herbal formulas combined with the toxic heavy metal lead.
Native to the Indian subcontinent, the 5,000-year-old ayurveda system of naturopathic treaments includes a plethora of herb-based powders, pills, oils and dietary supplements often laced with heavy metals, including arsenic, mercury and lead.
In many instances, small quantities of these heavy metals are knowingly ingested in the belief they will cure what ails. In other cases, the practitioners have no idea what they are ingesting, or to what degree.
“Both patients suffered from extremely high levels of lead poisoning from taking ayurvedic remedies,” said Rob Gair, a pharmacist with B.C.’s Drug and Poison Control Information Centre, commenting on the two recent poisonings. In the first case, the patient suffered from vomiting and diarrhea.[When medicine turns toxic]

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