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February 6, 2008

Is it chyanwanprash anymore?

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Artificial sweeteners in ayurveda product! What would be the implication of adding a new chemical compound into an Ayurveda formualtion? One can imagine that only research gone into this is market research. It’s no longer Chyawanprash.

Beware before you pick up chyawanprash from a drug store. The most popular brands of this ayurvedic tonic has artificial sweeteners, which have unconscionable side-effects. On January 11, 2008, Ranbaxy Laboratories launched a sugar-free version of chyawanprash, which it calls ‘Chyawan Active’. Unlike the classical chyawanprash, which is 50-60 per cent sugar, the Ranbaxy product uses the artificial sweetener sucralose as a taste enhancer. Other versions of the tonic, like Alkem Laboratories’s Jeevan Prash and Dabur India’s Chyawan Prakash, also use artificial sweeteners.

“Our product offers an excellent nutritional formulation, especially to calorie-conscious, diabetic, obese and overweight people,” said Malvinder Mohan Singh, ceo, Ranbaxy.

ther than the sweetener, the product also has sorbitol. The Dabur version uses this chemical as well to provide bulk.

In its classical form, chyawanprash is a mix of herbs, minerals, crystallized sugar and ghee with honey. It stands to reason if the tonic’s constituents are changed, the product may not work as well. Ranbaxy’s spokesperson maintains that Chyawan Active provides the same benefits as the classical chyawanprash since it has the same constituents. [Chayawanprash, an ayurvedic tonic has artificial sweetner]

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  1. I am pleased to see a product especially the Chyawanprash without Sugar. I can’t take Chyawanpras with sugar ( 40 – 50 % sugar) hence I definately said its an adding on to the properties of Ayurveda.tme has changed and the lifestype disease are increasing fast ( Diabetes & obesity one of them). I ask one simple question that in present day is it wise to consume sugar in such a huge quantity i.e ( Juices – 20% sugar,Biscuits 20 % sugar,Amla syrups 20 % sugar,Health drinks (aloe vera etc.. 20 % sugar )
    It is ridiculas appreciating the products with sugar and to discard a modern healthy approach .
    As far as the medium of making sugar free is concern . Dabur alone is using SORBITOL for sweetness because it wants to increase the Bulk in the product but except Dabur Alkem and Ranabaxyh are using “Sucralose” which is made with sugar and also have the pleasing taste.
    I am thankful to the Updated Companies for using the updated Healthy products ….. Now for One year I am using Alkem’s Chyawanprash regularly ( With Sucralose ) it has a great taste and , I am feeling more fit as compared to the Dabur Chywanprash which I was using for past 8 years .
    Now none of my family member uses Sugar in the hidden form of Product i.e. Juices, Sauces,Tea,Ice Cream,Chyavanprash,Amla & Aloe etc..squash,Squashs,and other sharbats which were made with sugar . We are feeling more healthy and fit with reduced consumptioin of sugar.
    Sugar should not be promoted in present day situation.

    Comment by G.S.Singh — December 14, 2008 @ 12:34 am

    • I also appreciate the views of G.C.Singh in the matter of present day sugar-free chyawanprash products by different companies. When in 4th century BC Charak Sanhita was written, there may not be diabetic people like the large nos found nowadays. So this sugarfree concept was not thought of. Now due to increasing diabetic people in the world and not to deprive them of from getting their health benefits, atleast different companies thought for their health benefits and launched sugar-free chyawanprash like products and this is really welcome so far it is not harmful in any way.

      I am a diabetic one and I am now thinking for its use for my health benefits.

      Comment by S.N.Moharana — January 18, 2015 @ 6:00 am

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